Xander Swanson Modern Weddings | About
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Quick and to the point

…if a little cheesy…

As a father of one, I bought a camera to document his days.

As a father of two, I used my cameras to help support my family.

And now as a father of three, I use my cameras to document the beginnings of new families.

A little bit more

…perhaps a bit acerbic…

I’m a portraiture photographer with a taste for modern stylings.

Born and raised on the east-side of Tulsa, with a healthy amount of time on the grandparents’ farm in southeastern Kansas. Went to college in Fayetteville, Arkansas and became a Razorback on one academic and two music scholarships. Found my wife while there, then a music degree. Moved to Greenwood after she got her degree, then Fort Smith before our second child was born.   Now Dad to three wild animals. (Not literally – some might refer to them as “children.”) If anything, they’ve taught me one thing: patience. It’s an invaluable trait in this business – whichever business that happens to be.

Now I shoot a lot of portraiture and weddings, as well as assignments for commercial projects and agencies. Also local, regional, and international companies.

Most clients pick me because of my clean and modern style, expeditious service, and sarcastic wit. Maybe not the last one.